Incidents of Cryptojacking surged in the UK in past few months

The United Kingdom secured the fourth position in cyber jacking preys, as claimed by a study of Symantec, preceded by Japan, US and France and succeeded by Germany, implying that Great Britain accounts for about 4% of the 5 million cyber jacking attacks across the globe over a period of just 4 months.

A recent hacking stunt and perhaps the most prominent, was pulled by a group of cyber pirates who tweaked and tampered with Browsealoud, a month ago. Browsealoud is a search engine for the blind and visually challenged individuals for mining the crypto currency Monero. This cyberattack hit hard and the sites of the offices of UK Commissioner of Information and Student Loans were terribly affected.

The attackers did not spare Elon Musk, Tesla’s owner, who has been targeted through a cyber jacking attack, as confirmed by Redlock, a firm of cyber supervision, although it has not been disclosed as to which one of the existing 1300 crypto currency coins were mined through piracy and for how long.

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