Increase in People seeking Crypto-careers

Crypto-careers’ demands increased by 10 percent in 2017, says study.

Since the bitcoin has reached new highs, the interest in crypto careers has increased more than double in December 2017 among people. Bitcoin is just on the verge of rising upwards and has the potential for a technology: blockchain.

The average salary for “blockchain” proficiency roles fetches you an annual salary which ranges from £30,117 for a research analyst to £67,209 for a software architect.

The latest rise has been inspiring people from around the world to show interest in blockchain career and expertise and search for new jobs in the crypto sector. This conclusion is according to the list of figures released by the search engines on the web, Indeed.

The company said that their data has made a revelation for the beginning of the year 2017 and stated that there was an “acute talent mismatch” throughout that period. The vacancies were outnumbering the number of candidates with a ratio of four is to one. But as the year ended, the quantity of search for the jobs increased 10-folds. Meanwhile, the number of jobs during the same period tripled and thus the talent gap narrowed down quite a lot during that time.

The greatest jump in the number of job seekers came in the month of December when the rates of bitcoin crossed the £13,000 mark. The number of job-finders in the blockchain space increased double-fold in November 2017, the company stated.

Skills Required

The data indicates that most of the employers have a keen interest in exploring the drive behind the bitcoin technology and thus mostly the gaps are filled by the people with extensive technical knowledge. Top roles as required by various companies are the developer, software engineer, recruiter, java developer, solution and proposition architect, director IT digital strategy & innovation, senior developer, senior QA engineer and project manager.

The blockchain is a field which is rising continuously and there are going to be umpteen job opportunities for both job seekers as well as for employers.