Institutional and Corporate Investors Considering Buying Bitcoin

Quite recently, surveys, discussions and corporate meetings have had only one most important topic under discussion, and that is the digital currency. From Americans to Japanese and the millennials, of course, have all been shaken up with the constantly hiking worth of Bitcoins. This article would shed some light on what investors are thinking of this leading digital currency.

The Bitcoin Fascination among Traders

There has been a recent survey by Triad Securities that has revealed the results of what an average trader thinks about bitcoins and how they see it shaping the industry on the whole. Around 317 traders were interviewed and these results of this survey are quite interesting. There are mixed reviews on the subject matter by these institutional traders.

Out of the above number, 31% of these traders agreed that they have bought and/or used the cryptocurrencies. Half of these had done it during the previous six months. There was another 36% of this group that said they are already thinking about buying this digital currency. However, 31% just bashed the idea and said they don’t believe in it. The last 1.5 % had no idea about the cryptocurrency technology.

Bitcoins and ICOs

When these traders were interviewed about ICOs, they seemed less interested in it than they already were in Bitcoins. Only, 8% or even less than that number had invested in them. While there was another group of 48% that said they never bothered to look at it. There was another 29% of this chunk that said that were considering the perks of this investment while other 15% asserted that they would like more regulations to be added to the project before they would plan to invest in it.

However, only last week there was an announcement made by Coinbase that they were initiating a cryptocurrency asset management especially for the institutional investors. The survey under discussion was carried out just a few days earlier to this so we are not really sure of the difference in opinion among these investors post this announcement.

Moreover, 9% of these respondents said that they had a great extent of confidence while as many as 26% expressed a low level of confidence in the whole ecosystem to safeguard and protect the digital assets.

Bitcoin a safe store

The survey shows some remarkable results when it comes to having Bitcoin glorified. This is because as much as 41% of these traders think that Bitcoin is a safe store just like the gold while 39% also said that it might just crash one day before we know it. About the growth of this cryptocurrency, there are 27% traders who said that this payment mode will gradually rise while others said that the value is expected to be doubled in another half year.

Those investors who have just been accustomed to as much as a single digit growth seem to be really thrilled about the whole Bitcoin scenario and see it as a valuable asset regardless of the otherwise speculations and apprehensions. One thing we can say for sure is Wall Street has its eyes right on it and is paying too much attention!