Is Nebulas the Google of the Blockchain?

With a relatively small total supply and a pretty good sized circulating supply, this current coin has a lot of potential to grow fast. It doesn’t take a lot of cash to move a coin with this type of supply. Moreover, if it can live up to the claims of being the Google of the blockchain, while the bigger the blockchain gets the more popular cryptocurrency becomes and the more widely adopted it becomes, then this coin will rise along with it.

In the past 30 days, we’ve seen Nebulas with a $3.92 value and that was around the holiday bloodbath of the market. Since then, we’ve seen all time highs in the range of about $16 to $17and right now it is standing at half of its ATH. It also had some deeper drops to $6.25 from that ATH and right now it is standing at $8.90, still in the red, showing some down trend and a peel back and sell-off a bear trend.

What is Nebulas and what do they do ?

They are a decentralized search framework of the blockchain, so it is sort of the Google of the Blockchain. According to their website, the users will be able to search anything on the Blockchain using Nebulas.

Another thing that they are doing is, they are alowing users to search multiple types of data in the world open source value ranking algorithm.

Once it starts growing along the exchanges, the virtual coin has a high possibility to increase in price, for example if it gets on Coinbase, the coin will explode when it comes to increasing.