Is Tron heading to 1$ ?

The market cap has stayed pretty steady on the rise these past three days, but we can still see many coins on red today, I would say 60% red and 40% green. Also, don’t panic about the red change in the cryptocurrency, it is very small on almost all the coins.

Tron’s value today was at $0.08 with a volume of $779 millions but will it go higher? As we were able to see yesterday, it did go to 11 cents for a brief moment, but dropped back to 0.08 decreasing to 0.07. The peak of Tron’s value was 13 days ago, when the virtual coin has reached an all-time high of 28 cents, so it’s been a rollercoaster . A lot can happen this month if we’ve seen this coin drop from that high, all the way to $4.5, then it went back up to 11 cents yesterday and dropped again.

Despite the fluctuations, it can be noticed that it is making strides to come back and what is fueling this one, as usual Justin Sun on Twitter, has been announcing more hype around the token.

There has been this recent post on Reddit, where users were complaining that Tron is being killed with overhype. The post basically goes over how the users are dissappointed that they were feeling misled because Justin Sun is so good at marketing the coin. There was a point when Justin enticed people with his news to adopt the coin, users jumped in on Tron TRX and then found out the news were not as great as expected.

On the other hand, this marketing of Tron can be seen as a possitive thing, because it is going to bring new people into the TRX family and we’re going to see more buying power. Tron was standing yesterday on 13th place according to their market capitalization but was deposed by Monero. The difference between their market cap is so little, we can see a pretty nice fight over there. So, there is a chance for Tron to get back there, even go upper the next week and reach Top 10.

In conclusion, despite its current value and volume for 24 hours, it still has a lot of potential in growing because of the market cap. Also, there is a chance for it to reach $1 and surpass this milestone in the next month. For now, it is focusing on going back to that twenty-something value and it is safe to increase.