Lower Ratio of Women in Bitcoin

A recent survey suggests that there are fewer women in Bitcoin as compared to male. It has an undistributed ration of 17% to that of 7%. Now the question arises why fewer women are there in Bitcoin. One possible reason behind this is that men are more tech savvy as compared to women. From a toddler to teenage boys are surrounded by gadgets and often as a social trend most boys take up the science as their subject.

Today, IT is a growing sector and Bitcoin has introduced a new line of merchandising in this tech era. As in today’s world, we see most of the technologies are invented by men, and Bitcoin too, is no exception. The early founders of Bitcoin are men. After soaring high level of success, Bitcoin has a lot for the newcomers. And now it is the time that Bitcoin gets acclamation from all section of the society, which includes the participation of women as well. The functioning of Bitcoin can’t be proper if half the population is not included. Nowadays there are events for women in Bitcoin held in London and San Francisco. And in another approach, Bitcoin is trying to initiate products that can satiate women requirements. They hope that with this strategy they can involve more women in Bitcoin.