Mining malware attacking Facebook Messenger

There has been few complaints about a malware having the name DigMine, that is spreading around the world. The purpose of DigMine is to mine Monero, using the average user’s computers.

The first case of the malware is claimed to have appeared in South Korea. According to, the malware is installing a Chrome extension that will access any type of information related to the user’s Facebook account. The next step of DigMine is to send a private message to all the user’s contacts.

The virus is concealed to appear as a video file, usually called ‘’ which is going to install a miner into the user’s computer meant to mine Monero. Also, the Chrome extension helps the malware to reach to more victims. There were some complaints regarding this issue from all around the world: Ukraine, Thailand, Vietnam, Venezuela and many more. Cyber security experts from Trend Micro that have found the virus, are a bit concerned that the malware could affect more countries in the near future.

Security experts say that the malware is only installed intrinsically with the Facebook Chat application from Chrome. The virus once installed, can spread itself without any help.

Facebook has recently enforced its security system and has eliminated links related to DigMine. The Facebook team has announced that they have automatic systems that will prevent those sorts of files on Facebook Messenger.

According to Bleeping Computer’s website report, the hackers behind DigMine could modify the manner of distributing the malware so it will become more difficult to find.