NiceHash CEO has resigned

Marko Kobal, the CEO of the mining service from Slovenia has left the company. After the big disaster with the hacking issue in December, when $63 millions worth of Bitcoins were stolen, Kobal has quit few days ago.

Even if the platform has taken again its services with a consolidated security of the marketplace, Kobal has abandoned it, leaving behind just a LinkedIn post explaining what has happened. In the post, he was blaming the security issues that he couldn’t manage anymore. He retired to let another person presumably do a better job regarding the problems the company is experiencing at the moment.

The amount that was stolen was standing at over 4000 Bitcoins, but in spite this major issue, Kobal is optimist and thinks and the service will work the same as before.

Many users are claiming that Coinbase will take over NiceHash, and that is the reason why Kobal resigned, but that is just a rumour for the moment. NiceHash has signed a parnership with some foreign investors to give back to clients, the money that have been lost.

2017 was a stepping stone for the hackers in the cryptocurrency world with the latest victim of them being Youbit exchange from South Korea.