NiceHash is back

Few days ago, the NiceHash team announced in a Twitter post that there were few final checks that needed to be performed, but the platform will be back on track. It seems like they have kept their word and on 20th December, the platform was working accordingly and the relaunch was successful.

According to a post from 22nd December on their official website, they consolidated the security of the marketplace, the payment system was redesigned and all the withdrawals are now manually confirmed.

As noted on the website, the users are returning to their services and the first payouts are completed without any issues.

As a recap, regarding what happened to NiceHash, two weeks ago, on December 11, the mining marketplace was announcing on Twitter that they were experiencing some issues and that the platform needed to be closed for maintenance. NiceHash was actually hacked and lost nearly 5 000 Bitcoins which right now is worth over $ 70 million. At that time, users of NiceHash were complaining on Twitter and Reddit that they have lost hundreds of dollars. NiceHash is a website where you can buy and sell hashing power. Lots of new users that have recently entered the mining world, start with NiceHash. Having a friendly interface and being easy to understand, is probably the main reason why many miners choose NiceHash. If you want to start mining with them, all you have to do is go on their website and download their softwares.

At the moment, is working properly, the mining is also working fine and no complaints were proceeded, but everyone is asking when will they receive their coins back. Since the hacking happened, the customers aren’t able to see their old balance with the values they were holding.

Also, on Facebook, there is a post advising the users to generate new wallets and change their passwords. The users that have NiceHash wallets are now able to see two balances, the new one, with zero funds most probably, and the old one, the one available before the hacking, with all the past holdings.

They announced that they managed to obtain the necessary amount to refund  every user that has lost currency due to help from investors.

The date of old balances refund will be announced on 31st January 2018.

It is a matter of time until we find out if the old users will still trust the mining platform and use it as they did before the hacking issues.