Nokia wants to get back on track in 3-5 years

HMD Global, the company that owns the licence for the Nokia brand has set a goal to become one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the next 3 or 5 years. If you remember the good times of Nokia, they used to be the best when it came to mobile phones, but something happened on their way, maybe the technology has accelerated too fast and they became one of the lasts.

The well-known company has recently launched five new designs for phones and four of them are for smartphones. However, neither of them will be launched officially on the US market. HMD Global are focusing on regions where the Nokia brand has had success in the past, such as Europe, Russia or India.

According to a recent statement of Florian Seiche, the CEO of the company, Nokia is currently part of the Top 5 on 15 markets worldwide.

HMD Global has sold 4.4 million smartphones at the last trimester of 2017. The brand has managed to surpass companies like Sony, OnePlus or HTC, but Nokia is aiming for more. According to recent statistics, Nokia is the sixth cell-phone manufacturer worldwide and is planning to advance even more.