NVIDIA anticipates a decrease in the GPU demand

The cryptocurrency market seems to become less attractive for the young investors as we have just entered the fourth volatility month. In the eyes of inexperienced traders, the falls that happened lately, led to a decrease in the cryptocurrency interest. There has been recorded a minimum transaction number for the past two years and a constant need in going downwards. More and more crypto analysts are questioning the real value of Bitcoin and if it will manage to rebuild above the $10,000 mark. When it comes to recovering the losses of 50% recorded from January, Bitcoin has much work to do.

The good news for those who have been waiting for a long time to buy a GPU at a decent price is that the market will flood of used graphics cards, sold for a price way cheaper than the purchasing one. On the other hand, the bad news for Nvidia are that this growth in the used graphics cards decreasing the interest in new, expensive Nvidia GPUs. According to a source from the company, they are considering limiting the production of the graphics cards. Moreover, the reason that enforcened this idea seem to be the rumours that 2018 will launch new ASIC devices that will overcome any profit that the GPUs were bragging with.

The same as Bitcoin case, generating cryptocurrencies might become an accessible thing for investors and companies that are willing to invest money exclusively in mining farms for virtual coins.