One million dollars Bitcoin ransom

A cryptocurrency exchange employee from UK was kidnapped one day after Christmas by an Ukrainian gang that demanded a ransom value of over $1 million worth of Bitcoins.

The information regarding this kidnapping has been made public by a counselor of the Ukraine Ministry of the Interior.

Pavel Lerner, financial analyst and expert at EXMO Finance company was kidnapped one day after Christmas. The job he had wasn’t allowing him to access the clients accounts as the kidnappers thought. Therefore, all the customers of EXMO Finance accounts haven’t been touched by the robbers.

According to, a local news website, six armed men having their faces covered and wearing black clothes have kidnapped the employee of the exchange and have run with a minivan that had stolen car number.

The kidnapped man is alright for the moment, he wasn’t hurt but he suffers from major psychic trauma. The cryptocurrency expert has been a great target for the kidnappers because he is a notorious person when it comes to Bitcoin authorities from Ukraine.

The Guardian announced that for the moment nobody knows who have paid the enormous ransom of over one million dollars. The Kiev Police has opened an investigation to find the persons involved in the act of kidnapping. It has been stated that this is the first time a case like this happens in Ukraine.