Over 50,000 websites infected with malware miners

The interest in mining malwares is growing the same as the crypto market. The spreading of malware programs that are mining cryptocurrency without user’s permission has got out of control. According to a recent study, more than 50k websites are currently hacked and the number is continuously growing. The study has been carried out by a cyber security expert from BadPackets.net. The developer used the search engine for source code PublicWWW to scan thousands of web pages. He managed to identify almost 50,000 infected websites and a huge number of that are from WordPress. It seems like Coinhive is the latest trend when it comes to scripting. It is utilized by almost 40,000 of the websites which is 81%. In November 2017, there were 30,000 web pages identified, that were running a Coinhive script. Basically, what Coinhive was at first has transformed into shatter. When it first launched, Coinhive seemed to be a revolutionary mining instrument, but it has become an exploited method by the hackers.

There has also been published a document which stated that 7000 addressed have been found infected by this February. Many of the websites have eliminated the malware, but there are still many web pages that didn’t.

An easy way to find out if a website is mining without your permission, is to check the size of your CPU usage. Also, it has been discovered that AdBlocker stops many of the malwares.