Porsche might manufacture flying cars

The news have been received from the head of the sales division of Porsche, Detlev von Platen to a German publisher.

For start, Porsche takes into consideration the production of flying vehicles for aerian taxi services. A success in this area could motivate the expansion of this business to deliver flying vehicles for personal use as well.

With electrical power train, based on similar technologies of the drones used in recreational areas, the new flying vehicles could function not only autonomously but also by guidance received from the passenger on board. Nevertheless, it will not come to a direct piloting. The flight computer has the task to interpret the commands received, stopping risky maneuver or leaving the authorized flight passage

Without the need of a pilot licence and with a minimum training, almost anyone could benefit from the taxi air service so that they avoid the traffic jam from the crowded cities. For the moment, the regulations that allow flying inside urban areas are to be discussed and there are many question marks when it comes to safety.

Porsche is not the only automobile producer that has shown an interest for flying vehicles. Volkswagen has announced a similar project last year and the Airbus company too.