RadarRelay exchange is incorporating Ledger’s wallet

Launched in 2014, Ledger offers more types of hardware wallets where users can keep their cryptocurrency and private keys.

RadarRelay is an exchange startup that uses a next generation technology to trade Ethereum based tokens.

The company has officially announced on their website that they will be incorporating Ledger’s wallet. This is an important addition, because it is the first time when a decentralized exchange is permitting transactions between two hardware wallets.

The users will be able to transfer Ether or other tokens that are based on the ERC 20 protocol. How will it work ? Ledger users will connect their Ledger wallets to a personal computer, unlock the device by using a PIN and open the Ethereum Software on the Ledger itself. On the RadarRelay application, the user will click on Ledger Wallet and will be guided through the process.

For the moment, this change has been seen as an enhancement and has accomplished in winning some supporters of the crypto community.

And let’s be honest, why wouldn’t it? RadarRelay is using the 0x protocol which first came up in 2017 and has lots of advantages. One of the most significant is that it seeks to ease the Ethereum transactions by using no fees.

The French company has recently reached the $75 million mark through a fundraising campaign. Officials of Ledger has announced that they will be using the money to develop their company in a time where the notoriety of cryptocurrency has increased a lot.