Repeated Warnings given by German Financial Authority on ICOs

New set of rules and regulations for the ICOs and cryptocurrencies are formulated by the government of all countries. They are warning the buyers repeatedly before purchasing the IOCs. They are very nervous as, they carry very low risk and high speculation. This shows their nervousness because they have warned the customers not once but many times.

The first warning came on 9th November, when the German government passed a statement which warned about the buying or investing in IOCs.

Then the next warning came on 15th November, which again said the same thing to the buyers and investors.

This shows that the government has given a lot of warnings to the customers and they are too much anxious to know how to control this ongoing investment industry.

Warnings to keep in mind

The risks are huge in cryptocurrencies and ICOs, so this needs double warnings for such a serious issue. The warnings are also given in the same way each time as the issue is very serious. Along with the German government, there are many more countries trying to get along them in this matter. They are Ukraine, Singapore, Iran and the U.K.

So, you see just one warning is not at all enough for the customers.