Ripple’s XRP surpasses Ethereum

These past days, Ripple’s virtual coin, XRP has had an appreciation of 33% and has surpassed the well-known Ethereum. Ripple is standing now on second place with a market cap of $85 billions and a trading price value of over $2. According to the latest fluctuations of the virtual coin, this increase means 50% growth in price.

While more and more people become attracted to the ‘Bitcoin fever’, this rival cryptocurrency is continuously rising. Financial institutions and banks are seeing beyond and are not blinded by this trend of Bitcoin. The potential in XRP is pretty big for the moment because it is the only virtual coin built especially for banks.

Ripple’s coin is a virtual currency and Ripple is a whole other system, an Internet Protocol. This protocol is used for financial transactions and XRP is the symbol of Ripple’s coin.

XRP was trading yesterday at $2.4 and its current value is placed at $2.2 (press-time). According to CoinTelegraph, on December 22, the price has dropped, but the coin has immediatlely returned to the upward trend having a 57% price increase that same day.

The market cap of Ripple has managed to surpass Uber’s, which is estimated at $68 billions.

In the past six months, Ripple has been trading at around $0.2 following a fulminant growth on December 12.

This past year, Ripple has exceeded even Bitcoin if we look at the profitability charts.