Russian crypto currency to be expected by the end of 2017

By the end of the fall, it is believed by a Russian official of the national legislature that there will be a completion of new laws controlling the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The next process will involve the grouping of a working group to address the problems, as stated by Anatoly Aksakov. He is the one who directs the state Duma’s financial market committee to the Russian media.

According to Aksakov, the one who makes the laws can complete the work on a legislative passage in the future. Right from the year 2014, the officials of Russia have been investigating the laws relating to the tech.

Aksakov said if there is an agreement on the approaches specified, by the end of the fall, the law can be adopted that will provide room for the market development.

This comment was spread across all the news channels related to cryptocurrency. According to the finance minister of the country’s deputy, Bitcoin trading should be operated only by the qualified investors. Earlier this week, the Russian president’s chief internet advisor revealed the development and formation of a cryptocurrency and a Blockchain advocacy group.