SegWit2x was officially launched

As few days before Christmas we were announcing the hard fork of SegWit2x, on December 28, the SegWit2x has forked at block 501.451 but with less supporters than expected.

The activation of SegWit2x

On December 27, the price of SegWit2x (B2X) futures has increased to over $1,200. Everything was possible due to the large number of people that were confused by the name of the hard fork. They thought the initial project created by Jeff Garzik was reloaded even if it was cancelled on November.

The developers behind B2X have a disputable experience regarding cryptocurrency. According to, the project lead, Jaap Terlouw haven’t had any connections with virtual coins before or any knowledge about Blockchain. Another member of the team, Donna Khyuz entitles herself Crypto developer, ICO & Blockchain expert on her Instagram account. On the team members list, there was another person appearing without his consent, the analyst Sairam Jetty. He was deleted from the list, short time after few complaints.

The new SegWit2x is bringing some changes in block size, the old one being of 2MB, and it is now standing at 4MB. The users have realised that this is another scam and the price of B2X futures dropped to $237. The traded amount is also a very tiny one, that of $5.3 millions in the launching day, and $3.3 millions in the past 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency services are avoiding B2X

The lack of support from exchange platforms, shows that B2X will have a tough time even if it is not a scam.

Miners are also skeptical when it comes to this new chain even if the developers have offered a dedicated mining pool. FreeWallet is the only credible contractor between the multitude of supporters of the new cryptocurrency.