Should we expect the bull run to continue this week?

The market is sitting at $447 billion and Bitcoin’s dominance is creeping back to 39% with a $10,284 value. A lot of cryptocurrencies are pretty stable and if you look at the last 3 or 4 days, we’ve been running flat, especially Ripple who is running sideways for days now.

On the other hand, Neo has had a recent bump in price which is speculated to be happening due to Binance announcement of Neo holders being eligible for ONT Airdrop. So, a lot of people are buying Neo because on March 1, they are going to be dropping some free ONT for every Neo held either it is in the user’s wallet or inside Binance exchange. We might see Neo continue growing at least until March 1, which will give the virtual coin a solid increase action.

How is the market looking overall?

Ethereum is trading around $867, Ripple again heading towards that 1 dollar milestone, Bitcoin Cash is sitting at $1,247 and Litecoin at $222. Nano is up to 28% and it is pretty much back to where it was few days ago. Golem is in the green today at over 21.8%, keeping its place in top 60.

Less than half of the market is in red, which is showing us a stable market and no significant growths for now.