Smartphone sale decline for the first time in 15 years

According to a recent study by Gartner, sales on smartphone market have recorded their first decline ever after measurements over one decade.The news are not so surprising because dynamism and innovation have always characterized this industry, and they are no longer a pattern that the customers seek in order to satisfy their tastes when it comes to choosing a smartphone. Moreover, the technology has reached a certain maturity that is hard to overcome at this point. For example, an low-end smartphone can accomplish the needs for a basic user, that’s how far we’ve got. Cumulated with the modest enhancements that appear from a generation to another, the result is a rare replacement of the devices and a jumping over some generations of new devices.

The decline is currently at 5.6% and compared with the previous year, it is not far. Similar decreases seem to have appeared at all major smartphone producers such as Samsung and Apple. However, there are some growths among the smartphone buying and we are talking about Xiaomi and Huawei with a sale volume that has increased massively.

It is a matter of time if the changes will shape a descending trend on long term or the decline is due to an unconvincing smartphone offer that has been presented at the end of last year. In the near future, Samsung and other well-known manufacturers from the industry will test new concepts for next year, such as smartphones with foldable screens that sounds like an innovative move. We’ll have to see if the freshly created phone will be well received unlike the screen brought by iPhone X which has been highly criticised.