Sony is focusing on TVs and audio systems in 2018

Last week, Sony has disclosed their products in Vienna and the company brought all the products that were announced at CES in Las Vegas. Their products are focusing from the basic user to the most pretentious one. The OLED 4k TVs were the star of the presentation and along with these, the Full HD smart TVs also managed to stand out. Among other devices they brought are professional cameras, storage solutions, home cinema systems, wireless sound systems and many more.

Televisions are the ones that have put the company in Top of the best technology companies, it is normal that they had most of the attention. While the A1 type from last year, that is based on an OLED panel remains on the market, 2018 brings to us a new model, called AF8.

AF8 which is available just in 55” or 65” has the same OLED panel and the same image processor X1 Extreme, but the Sony company has changed several things regarding the design of the TV.

While Sony has in its portfolio more soundbar new models, the most interesting is HT-XF9000 which completes the experience in using the XF90 TV. This integrates support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Sony Vertical Surround Engine.