STK Token – Allowing users to Seamlessly Access Real-Time Crypotocurrency exchange

STK Global Payments Introduces STK Token for Instant Cryptocurrency Payments
STK has made a public announcement about their plans to carry out a Token Generation Event. It will run from October 25th to November 3rd of 2017. There will be an opening for pre-orders for registered investors from 11th to 24th October of this year. All the earnings of this event will fund the continuing expansion and future use of the STK currency, along with business allies all over the planet.
The STK currency is supported by ETH Blockchain, making it suitable to Ethereum standard contracts (ERC20). The STK currency will permit customers to do transactions with cryptocurrencies in open markets and regular stores, with no inconveniences related to the usual currency exchange developments that affect most cryptocurrencies.

STK currency will be offered via STACK. A recently created provider of financial services located in Canada, in the last quarter of the year. STACK is following STK’s initiative by developing smart solutions to handle fiat money as well as cryptocurrency for the average person.

Miro Pavletic, CEO of STK Global Payments, has stated before that he aims to fill a void in the cryptocurrency market. By developing a tool that allows the average investor to save and handle money under the same roof while offering security and easy transactions; which is not a low-key goal for Mr Pavletic. Since most of the cryptocurrency market is isolated from at least 80% of the population on the planet. He expects that this new initiative alongside business partners at STACK will make the process of using cryptocurrencies as easy as using fiat-related financial products.

One of the biggest setbacks related to cryptocurrencies right now is the inability to be spent in day-to-day financial operations. Whoever wants to spend any type of cryptocurrency has to change those bits for fiat money. This process usually takes too long if you just want to buy a soda or groceries at the store. The STK currency is looking to change that by making the exchange instantly.

Ethan Wilding, one of the founders of Ledger Labs, thinks that the STK currency is placing the power of usability of cryptocurrencies to the masses, by making the process to spend them as easy as regular money. The process to make this happen is by using a new tool for Ethereum Blockchain interconnected to state channels. The technology to make this happen is very new but is paving the way to make cryptocurrency available to everyone.

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Regarding STK Worldwide Payments
STK Worldwide Payments is a cryptocurrency solution that allows real-time cryptocurrency payments on local commerce and to whoever carries or issues STK currency. The STK currency is a technological tool designed to put in place ERC20 blockchain contracts with the purpose of facilitating worldwide monetary transactions of cryptocurrency, and fiat money at any points of sale. You can get more information at

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