The $600 billion market cap is incoming

The way it is looking right now, there is no serious growth or serious losses, the market is half green and half red. It started red this morning and now we are slowly recuperating into the green. Bitcoin has just surpassed that $11,000 milestone and it might be aiming for that $20,000 value again.

Now NEO has just done their coin drop of ONT, so if you were holding NEO, you got .2 ONT for every single NEO you had on March 1. The biggest gainers of the market today are Particl, Game Credits, Golem, Nano and Populous, all with increases over 15%. The biggest losers are Waltonchain with the scandal regarding the Twitter giveaways basically giving it away to fake accounts and their price plummeted. The lies and deception that Waltonchain gave to their audience cause this type of sell-off.

Usually if coins are down in the morning, they will probably bounce back in the next 5 or 6 hours. Few days ago, we were running sideways and we are somehow finding stability at that $450 billion market cap area. How long will this stability run and will we see a bull run in the near future? In spite of what many speculators said that Bitcoin’s dominance will go down to 30%, it is actually creeping towards 40%. Bitcoin is rising among these virtual coins but at a certain point, the skills have to tip and that’s when the altcoins will be seeing a surge. Bitcoin’s increase is due to many factors, but one of them is publicity. Contrary to this, altcoins’ growth is usually happening because of their special features that are different from Bitcoin. When the market will hit that $570 billion mark, the virtual coins will go on a run and a lot of people predict that will happen in April. After that mark, the market will explode to that $800 billion mark and that will be probably happening during the summer.