The cryptocurrency market is estimated at $700 billions

The cumulated value of all the cryptocurrencies existing is over $700 billions which sets a new ATH. According to Coin Telegraph, the increase of the market cap is due to the growing appreciation of altcoins. The Bitcoin demand has been relatively diminished in the past few days which has led to a drop in its price on Christmas.

Yesterday, Bitcoin has managed to surpass again the $15,000 value after a drop to $11,800 on December 22. The current growth of the Bitcoin’s price is said to have occured due to Founders Fund company’s announcement that stated new massive investments in the well-known virtual coin.

The dominance of Bitcoin above all the other cryptocurrencies has dropped on Tuesday to a record minimum of 34.97%. This drawback might be happening due to the bigger appreciation of Ripple, Ether, Stellar and Tron that have grown with 20% in the past week.

Top 3 cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization are Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. If we were to look on their price values, it is a bit of  discrepancy between them Bitcoin being way ahead from the other two.

The market cap of Ripple has increased considerably, placing the virtual coin on second place after its value was intensely stimulated by the high demand of South-Korean market.