The Darknet Markets — Underlining Threat to Blockchain Users

Customers are receiving lucrative offers on dream marketplace but have reported of the inability to make any purchase until their bitcoin transactions get cleared. There have been reports about 150000 unnamed transactions on Saturday which shoot up to another 10000 by now. This has created an upsurge in the mind of the darknet users who aspire to purchase goods in a hurry. Every after paying high confirmation fees, these users have filed complaint against the Dream forum for their slow transaction.

The Dream Forum, incepted in 2013 is one of the most highly prestigious platforms for the transaction of goods by the darknet users. However, their only flaw is that they accept the only bitcoin, which often suffers the wrath of blockchain congestion. The Darknet market is often under such threat either from rival firms or ransom ware that tries to extort bitcoin.

As an alternative to bitcoins, DNMs to opt for Altcoins, which provided additional benefit with quicker, faster, and low-cost transactions. This switch was mainly based on privacy issues as law enforcement for assigning bitcoin to real address became adept. However, Dream is still lagging behind to select an alternative for bitcoins. While its counterparts like Point Marketplace took up, Ethereum and Aero Do opt for Monero.

After the collapse of Alphabay and trade route, fear of uncertainty has wrecked theDNS market. All these threats have frightened the minds of the vendors and customers have vanished. The ones existing are protected against such DDoS attack or have sought for a P2P alternative. However, amongst such turmoil, Openbazzar, a bitcoin’s backlog has emerged as the winner in the darknet market.