The evolution of Bitcoin and Ripple

The comparison between Bitcoin and Ripple is very common these days and has raised many debates, given the fact that they are on the first and second places considering their market cap.

With a significant increase of 1000% in the past month, Ripple’s XRP is beginning to grow its notoriety.

The year that has passed, was one of impressive growths from both sides, both Bitcoin and Ripple having massive developments that have drawn financial institutions’ attention.

Ripple (XRP) has started the year with a value of 0.6 Cents per unity and has been moving towards the one dollar price but reaching it only in December 2017. That was a very important move for Ripple and from that moment it started growing every day, managing to end the year with $ 2.14. The positive evolution continued until now when the virtual coin is standing at above 3 dollars. The cryptocurrency also succeded in surpassing Ethereum and ending 2017 on second place in the CoinMarketCap top.

Bitcoin (BTC) has begun the past year with a price of $ 963 per unity and it has benefited from a enormous increase in value throughout the months. It has surpassed $ 19,000, having a record value in the middle of December and it is currently trading at almost $15,000.

The Blockchain technology behind Ripple’s XRP has a total capacity of 100 billions of pre-mined coin and Bitcoin has 21 millions of unities available.

It is a future matter whether the Ripple’s XRP will surpass Bitcoin or no. The only thing that is clear, it is that it has a lot of potential when it comes to growing. After surpassing the $1 milestone, it haven’t stopped and many speculators claim that XRP will be the coin of 2018 and a safe bet for this year also.