The first virtual coins armed robbery

The first virtual coins armed robbery is announcing a dark future for cryptocurrencies. It is a known fact that cryptocurrencies are one of the hardest technologies to hack, maybe that was the reason why two guys from US decided to rob a man the old fashioned way.

Bitcoin was a headline these past weeks because of its explosive trading value. Unfortunately, the coin sounded very appealing for thieves too.

Many analysts tend to think that as the value of the Bitcoin has come so far it is in vain to use it as a currency. They think that even if you could buy an apartment with it (some real estate agencies accept Bitcoin as a method of payment), it would be a wiser decision to keep the virtual coins, hoping that their value will grow even more.

Cryptocurrencies are held in a virtual wallet on your personal computer or on your mobile phone app. Therefore, if somebody was to hold your phone for just few moments, that could leave you ‘Bitcoinless’. the chances for you to get your coins back are minimum.

A similar ‘robbery’ happened few days ago in Manhattan.

According to investigations of the New York prosecutors, the thief, Louis Meza and an accomplice of him stole $ 1.8 millions worth of virtual Ethereum coins. The coins were held in a digital wallet of the victim. The robbery partner of Meza threatened the victim with a gun,  pulled him inside their car and took his phone, wallet and house keys.

With the help of the house keys, they entered the victim’s home and stole his virtual wallet and all the data they needed.

The victim managed to escape and call the authorities. Meza was charged with grand larceny kidnapping and robbery and many more offenses. His accomplice is still enjoying his liberty since nobody knows who he is.

As a conclusion to this, you should keep to yourself the sum you are holding when it comes to any type of money, even virtual money, because as you can see, any kind of money can be stolen.