The market is skyrocketing again

The market seems to be booming again with over $62 billion in the last 24 hours. A lot of coins are in the green again and we are going to scroll through some of them today. We’ll see if this could potentially hit a ceiling or find one eventually. If we go through the market capitalization Top 100, we’ll notice that from the first to the 40th coin which is Dentacoin, the change for 24 hours is green, so it is growing. The 41st is SmartCash with a current price of $1.27 and a 16.23% drop in the past 24 hours. This coin is the only one from this 100 Top that has been decreasing. Moreover, the increases are pretty massive for 24 hours on many of the coins. What is interesting about this, is that usually we see the market in green in the mornings, a lot of weak hands sell off and we’ll see some red in the evening, but today is not the case.

Also, probably by the end of the day, we’ll be seeing 20% of the market in red and that is perfectly fine, that means the market is growing and recuperating.

If we look at the biggest gains today, BitConnect is up to $40, almost 300% up after it dropped down to $15 yesterday. It is interesting how it was seen as pyramid scheme and now peer-to-peer currency.

Tron went over 10 cents for a little bit today and a lot of people did buy it, so we might be seeing some sell-off at that price value.
Ripple is having a blast with 50% growth and a value of $1.69. Also, the market cap is of 10 billions of dollars, remaining steady on the third place.
Massive growth for BLOCKv with 93%, reaching the price of $0.19.

Moreover, if we look at the graphs, we’ll see a V shaped one because of the fluctuations. the majority of the virtual coins’ graphs look the same because of the sudden increase, followed by a drop and an increase again.

Bitcoin has had one of the smallest growths, of 11.44% which is snot that bad, but still not enough. It is heading towards the price value of $12,000 again, but not reaching it yet. With a market cap of $199 billions it is still the first cryptocoin in the Top, having the capitalization number almost twice the market cap of the Ethereum which also had a small increase. The coin has reached $1,044.46 dollars with a 14.22% growth.

If the market keeps its ascending path, we’ll just have to see. But as things are going in the past 24 hours, the things are likely to change in a positive way.