The Market sudden crash

The cryptocurrency world has seen these days a slightly down slope. Overall, on the Market Cap, BTC is still dominant, keeping an enormous distance between its value and Ethereum’s, which is on the second place.

Financial analysts advised the Bitcoin traders and speculators to change strategy a little bit and by that meaning a little less Bitcoin, but that doesn’t mean going all out and getting rid of it. They think that Bitcoin might be slowing down until February, due to Futures or due to Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin is hardly down by 5%, Ethereun down, with a little above $ 600 which is a pretty big change in its price. Yesterday morning, the price of Ethereum was fluctuationg from $ 750 to $ 800. Bitcoin Cash did come down a bit, having by now (press time) a $ 2,264.42 price, dropping from $ 3 000 since yesterday. Ripple is continuing to grow and there are some rumours saying that Ripple might be the fifth coin that Coinbase will add to their platform. So, as the things are going by now, Ripple is one of the leaders of today. Litecoin didn’t move the past two days even if there is a lot of noise around Charlie Lee, the creator of LTC selling or giving away all his holdings of cryptocurrency. There was a bit of a drop the moment that happened, but at this moment, some speculators might be thinking Litecoin will be going up again.

It has been reported that yesterday morning, the transactions with Bitcoin Cash were working pretty slow, so the fact that the transactions with Bitcoin Cash were ‘lightning-fast’  were that because not so many people were using it. As soon as everybody moved from their old currencies to BCH, caused the platform to work way slower.

There is no reason to panic because of this sudden drop, as we could see two or three weeks ago when CBOE Futures launched, we could see a dip to $ 14k price of Bitcoin and then coming back up to $ 19k in no time. It is just how the market works, and if you panic and sell everything, you might be losing all your potential gains.