The potential on Tron TRX

As you probably know, the market has been pretty down for a while now, and it is currently standing at $447 billion dollars value. A lot of crypto coins have been in the red today, there’s only a couple in the green: Smartcash, Neblio, Siacoin. These are barely over five percent, Neblio is probably gonna be in the red before the end of the day, so we’ll just have to see what will happen to them. The market is fluctuating like crazy right now, so it would be usual if all three coins will be in the red.

Today, we are going to discuss this Tron TRX which is expected to recover and go back up to 30 cents where it was at its all-time high. For the moment, it is trading at $0.050488, also decreasing. If we look at the Tron chart for 24 hours, it can be noticed that it has been  up, down and sideways and it went down 4 cents. The last support was at $4.5 and it actually broke through that and it looks like the next support line is at $3.2.

If we go back to mid-December, we could’ve seen a 2.4 cents worth for the TRX coin, and that was not even in the past 30 days.

Trade volume is going up for the moment, that means the market cap will be following.

Five cents is a decent buying opportunity for Tron, as you see, Tron is in the entartainment business, they’re looking to improve entertainment and a lot of people made an interesting thing yesterday, Youtube announced that if you have less than a thousand subscribers and get less than 4,000 hours watched a year, you cannot be partnered.