The son of Ol’Dirty Bastard from Wu-Tang is launching his own cryptocurrency

The son of Ol’Dirty Bastard, ex member of Wu-Tang Clan will launch his own cryptocurrency. The virtual coin will be a partnership with Link Media Partners, an entertainment company and will be called Dirty Coin, or ODB. For the moment, it will only be listed on AltMarket and no other popular exchanges. The basis of the coin is TAO Blockchain the coin comes as a support for the album that the singer will launch in the near future. This is the same situation 50 Cent is said to have used when launching Animal Ambition album, except for the fact that the rapper used Bitcoin as a virtual coin, but he also denied the allegations and the link between him and virtual coins.

Dirty Coin will be used for buying souvenirs or different objects related to Ol’Dirty Bastard. The singer, Young Dirty has stated that the fans are able to buy tickets for his concerts with discounts by using Dirty Coins, or even sometimes getting free tickets. Steven Seagal has recently announced his backing of a coin and the same thing has been done by Arsenal Londra.

It seems like the VIPs are not scared by the SEC movements towards cryptocurrency. Young Dirty thinks that through his approach, he will inspire other artists to do so and to head into this direction because cryptocurrencies are the payment of the future. It will be a chain reaction if more artists will be involved in the crypto space.