The strange story of Cobra Bitcoin

The disputed owner of and, known under the alias ‘CobraBitcoin’ was lately the main target of the crypto world. It is at least bizarre that an unknown person has that much influence upon the Bitcoin community and from his declarations, some think that his social accounts have been hacked and someone else is manipulating them.

Many people are curious who is behind this nickname and where did this name come from?

There are few people that managed to remain anonymous in the crypto world and still have a huge control in certain aspects. A good example is the owner of and, called Theymos, who helps Cobra Bitcoin to administrate the websites. The name of Cobra has appeared for the first time 3 years ago in a GitHub Update.

Among the tendentious discussions, there is the deletion of Coinbase from the companies that were displayed on their platform. Another thing to mention is that Cobra is far from being a developer of the platforms, but still appears on the list of those who contribute to the scalability of the project.

Lately, Cobra has opened an account on two well-known social media, that have represented his way of being more vocal in the community. He has stated several times that Bitcoin is conducted by miners and that the digital coins are led only by only three people. Lately, with his recent posts, some are questioning and speculating if his account were hacked and somebody else is posting now in his name.