The surprising fall of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has recorded a drop of 4%, managing to reach on Friday the price of $8,947. The fall happened due to exchanges from this past week that US and Japan did in order to control the cryptocurrency market.

At the beginning of this week, financial representatives from Japan have punished seven cryptocurrency exchange companies and have suspended the activity for two of them. The aim of these measurements is to enforce the protection of the consumers after the Coincheck theft.

Virtual coins have had a pretty hectic beginning of the year with major crashes in values. Currently, the battle has moved in the accepting zone by the top financial companies. Also, more and more countries are beginning to apply regulations regarding Bitcoin and the other currencies. Even though everybody thought that we will never see Bitcoin under the $10,000 value again, it has been proved wrong. The coin is currently trading at $9,632 with a 5.30% growth in the past 24 hours. The market is green again, because we have passed the red Sunday and Bitcoin has all the chances to grow again.

Some seculators think that the $20,000 value was the highest for the coin and now the most popular coin will twirl around the $10,000 value.