This Pac-Man Eats up Bitcoin

Shopping malls have lost their positions in people’s lives as the amusement arcade available to them since the time internet took over. However, in one of the towns in New Zealand, this is not the case, however, Pac-Man plans to bring it back to life while feeding on Bitcoin. Let’s see how!

The Bitcoin Eating Entity

The world saw and embraced the launch of Pac-Man with open arms in 1980. It had taken over our lives and we were totally thrilled. But the question is who is playing them now after so many decades? The kids of 80s who grew up playing that are now adults and have it on the mobile phones on the go.

Taking that into account, a small town in Blenheim has tried to restructure and redesign this whole craze of Pac-Man. Looking from the outside, it looks like just another arcade, which is quite deserted. However, take a closer look and you will see rows of machines flashing bright lights. These offer pay-and-play platforms to users who can use their Bitcoins for the payment.

Goodbye Cash

In the cryptocurrency sphere, the users are already expecting the demise of cash and the traditional currency. And why not! In this era of digital payments where everything is done with a tap on the phone, having cash is just another nuisance.

The owners of Arcadia announced that gamers are free to play here using their Bitcoins through QR codes. He has indeed given an innovative solution to today’s tech-savvy masses and teens and asserts that for arcades to be still alive, they need to evolve with evolving demands around them.

Once the gamers pay through these QR codes using their Bitcoins, they are given tokens that they can be utilized in other games like pinball, racing or shoot-em-ups. But, does it really mean that the business started to soar after this innovative approach? In reality, no! Also because it is a small town after all!

There is still a long way for the Bitcoin adoption to happen within different communities and groups. However, what we witness with this Arcadia example is how innovatively the owner applied and integrated the technology for a peculiar purpose. This means that teens are the ones who need to be attracted to Bitcoin because they are already born and booming in a digital world.