Top 3 Altcoins that are not in Top 100

Currently, the market is pretty far down and we haven’t seen it like this for several weeks now. The numbers we are going to see for these altcoins are not too representative as we are going down this week. Some of the next currencies are less known than others but they have tons of potential to grow in the near future if you are planning to hold for a long time.

1.WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange)

Wax token has a lot of potential for 2018-2020 and as the internet gaming and virtual goods are adopted by the world, the more we are going to see WAX Token succeed. With WAX you can exchange virtual goods for WAX Tokens. For example, you can sell guns or skins from games on WAX Worldwide Exchange and someone could buy it with WAX tokens. As the gaming industry is pretty huge, they will probably find a sponsor to back them pretty fast. The price of the token is currently standing at 16 cents with a 22x potential. (Poe)

It is currently sitting at 8x negative from its all time high, which wasn’t crazy ridiculous high. So, another 7x potential is very close to it. If you don’t know what it does, it is basically able to copyright or trademark your assets on the blockchain. It is great for creators or for the future creators that will come interested in blockchain.


This project was trading fo $1.40 and is currently standing at $0.15, but it is highly probable that we will see it 10x to recover. This coin has potential if you are planning to hold and if you are not expecting profit overnight. What they want to do, is offer buyer protection for crypto transactions which is a pretty seeked thing when it comes to the crypto space.