Top 5 altcoins to HODL

These five cryptocurrencies could bring really good gains to your portfolio based on their characteristics. For starters, you might be asking why did we exclude Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin as those are not starter cryptocurrencies in any sense, but you can get them on Coinbase and pretty sure that everyone in the world has access for those cryptos. Obviously, it is smart to hodl any of those, but we are not going to focus on them. So, with that said, let’s get right into the business.

1. Monero

Monero is a privacy coin and the need for privacy coins is going to rise throughout 2018, especially if Government regulations and taxations become a real issue here in the space.e A lot of people will probably want to go dark and completely untraceable. Let’s say for example you turned 1 million dollars into 40 million dollars in the crypto space, there are many people that would put that money into Monero trying to get lost by the system. The market cap of 4 billion dollars is just touching the surface of what this coin can really do. 

2. Ripple

Ripple XRP is a smart hodl right now, it is currently trading at 91 cents and it has been flirting with 80 cent price lately. If you can get it around 88-90 cents, it is an amazing buy because this coin will be probably worth at least $5 by the end of 2018, so that means an opportunity of 5x gain. It is the only coin that is been adopted by banks and centralized institutions everywhere. This has been seen many times as a negative side of the coin, since many traders don’t like the link of virtual coins with centralized institutions.

3. NEO

Some cryptocurrency experts are saying that NEO is the virtual coin that could be sitting at around hundred billion dollar market cap area, especially if there’s more wide adoption of cryptocurrency. Right now the price is quite high at $132.44. The coin has come up from 80 dollars to 143 yesterday and back to 130 today. A little bit of consolidation from yesterday’s insane growth will be needed, but as the market will go up again, that will certainly happen.

4. Neblio

Neblio can really flex its price since it has only 13 million in total supply and about 12.8 circulating. The decent structure of what they are wanting to do is what brings more notoriety to this project. It is on almost all the well-known exchanges and it is definitely worth hodling because it has the potential of becoming a multi-billion dollar project in the future.

5. Nucleus Vision

This coin was released only 4 days ago and it is currently available only on Binance. Nucleus Vision is basically running a smart software that it takes run those employee lists Amazon stores. It has facial recognition and it can build a database and profiles for every single person that enters the shop. They gonna hopefully go into home security and business security in the near future.