Top 5 altcoins under $0.01

Today, we are going to analyze 5 altcoins that have the price value of under one cent. Some of them are a bit more established, having a larger market capitalization, and some of them have smaller market caps but that are capable of growing.

Keep in mind that if a coin has less than one dollar today and a lot of potential, that doesn’t mean it will grow up to 10 dollars in the next day or by the next week. For example, if we take a look at Tron’s history, back there it was worth less than a cent. The price of Tron used to be $0.002 with a market cap of $142 million. Now, it is worth $0.15 and the market cap is almost $10 billion.

Dentacoin (DCN)

It has the largest market cap from the five coins we are going to analyze and it is a token based on Ethereum. The virtual coin was the first concept designed for the global dental industry.

Dentacoin was created in August 2017 and has started with a price of $0.000142. It has grown up till now, reaching a value of nearly $0.005 and a market cap of above $1 billion.

Kin (KIN)

Kin was released in September last year with a total market cap of seven $746 million. That means, it has more room to grow than Dentacoin, but with a value of way under one penny. The current price of it is $0.000886 It is available on EtherDelta and Mercatox.

Dimecoin (DIME)

With a market cap of only $75 million, it has a value of $0.000131, available on Livecoin and CoinExchange. It has been out since July 2014 and has got a whole bunch of trade action in 2018. The trading since January this year has grown five times in terms of value. This coin might worth the short-term investment because it has potential to grow in $140 million market cap.

Mintcoin (MINT)

Mintcoin is coming in with a market cap of $41 million and a volume of over $2 million. That means, it is traded even more than Dimecoin. It is available on Cryptopia and CoinExchange and has been launched in 2014. It is a pretty old coin with pretty small growths, that haven’t seen so much interest in the market.

Rimbit (RBT)

It is the tiniest with a market cap of only $3 million but in the last 48 hours has had a lot of attention. On January 8, the market cap was standing at 1 million dollars and a price value of $0.009664. Today, the price of the virtual coin has grown considerably, up to $0.025498. It is available only on Cryptopia and has a volume of $1,513,760.