Ubisoft is considering using the Blockchain technology

The French giant when it comes to video games is currently exploring the Strategic Innovation Lab of Blockchain development.

The chief of the laboratory has announced that Ubisoft is taking into consideration the possibility of using Blockchain so that the way of requisition or detaining digital content to be innovated.

The Blockchain technology is offering the chance of finally having digital collections that can no longer be pirated or duplicated by anyone, so they will be 100% in the owner’s possession.

According to the chief’s statement, she resembles Blockchain to a digital Picasso and that the security is hundreds times enforcened. When it comes to theft when using Blockchain, the chances of succeeding are pretty low. One of the main things that Ubisoft seeks is the DLCs that are digital data which contain upgrades of the game.

For the moment, the Blockchain path is considered only for the downloadable content as a first try. The Ubisoft team has announced that they are open to what Blockchain has to offer regarding the gaming industry, but they are only focusing on the DLCs part.

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