Way to get back Bitcoin Cash Stuck in Segwit Addresses

Users not having the capability to differentiate between segwit and non-segwit addresses have mistakenly sent their cash to segwit addresses. Thus a huge amount of cash is stuck in those segwit addresses. Though recovering the funds is not easy, it is not impossible as well. Antoine Le Calvez discovered the way to recover stuck Bitcoin cash. He has listed the addresses that are having 100 BCH errors. The list is prepared by analyzing the transaction data. Funds sent to the listed addresses are having the risk of getting lost forever, though there is a way to recover them.

To get the cash back, following steps should be followed:

  1.    First the individual facing the problem should get in contact with the mining pool who found the block.
  2.    Second, ask them in a polite manner for help.
  3.    The transaction will be then mined by the miner without broadcasting as it will cut out any risk of someone spending the coins twice.

Even if it is the only solution, it may not work always as it completely depends on the miner’s honesty. If the miner is greedy he or she might not feel like returning the amount.