What will be the Value of Bitcoin before its Final Sale?

Bitcoin is the new face of the digital transaction in the cryptocurrency world. It has gained a net value of $38 billion and only a few days back soared as high as $16 800 in a day. With such appraisal, there have been speculations about its ultimate worth per coin before the investors sell it off. So as per the analysis of Michael Brown of  LendEDUBitcoin investor, it has been estimated that Bitcoin has the potential to reach a value as high as $196,165 per coin. Now, that is incredible!

The survey was conducted with 564 American Bitcoin users to understand the power of Bitcoin to replace national currency in the day-to-day transaction process. The younger generation has high prospect about Bitcoin and envisions it as largest platform for online transaction.

However, the earlier investors of the financial market are of the opinion that the undertaking in Bitcoin can be fraudulent and can come crashing down any day. This has barred them from investing in the world’s largest cryptocurrency. So, according to the survey, it is assumed that Bitcoin can soar from $15 500 to $ 196,165 with a leap of a generation gap. Although all of these assumptions are now like a daydream, yet bitcoin users speculate that Bitcoin emerges as the dominant currency in years to go.