WhatsApp is extending the deletion time for the messages

A while ago, WhatsApp has implemented the option of deleting the already sent messages with some restrictions. We have all sent a message full of anger that we regretted afterwards, so the popular chat application has developed a feature where users are able to immediately delete a mistaken message.

The feature is available for several months now and it can be used in individual conversations and group chats also. For the user to delete the message, all that he has to do is delete it as a usual message but also check the ‘delete for everyone’ box. Following other social networks pattern, WhatsApp has decided to extend the time that the user has to delete a message. On Telegram, for example, you have 48h to delete e message, otherwise it is stored inside the conversation and it can’t be deleted. For the Gmail messages, the user can delete/cancel an email in only 30 seconds from pressing the send button.

It is not clear how they come to the decision to extend the time of deleting a message, but the final result is 68 minutes and 16 seconds. WhatsApp has been surpassed by Telegram and it seems like less and less people are using Viber these days, which used to be the most popular chat 4 years ago. It is interesting how the technology resembles fashion, and if you are not able to keep up with its development and with the new trends, you are out.