When will the market recover?

As this weekend the market was looking pretty off, we are starting to see some movement on this beginning of the week. We could be looking at a decent week coming up as today many projects are over 10% and some of them are up even 40%. We have seen this pattern in the market a thousand times and usually, the next step for it is the bull run. We are going to see Bitcoin price point at $12,000 and then we’ll have to see if the other coins will follow. Moreover, there are two possibilities when Bitcoin will hit again that $12,000 mark, either if it will continue that way, or it will go down again.

As an overview for the market, Litecoin is at $190, but it dipped as low as $160, Neo is over $90 which is a great buying opportunity. As Neo is a very solid project, it is the kind of coin you could be seeing going from $90 to $140 in two days. Cardano is still at 22 cents, very low price, some of the projects are trying to recover, but they are no near to be recovered. Stellar is trading for 30 cents and Tron for $0.03. The majority of the market has grown with around 10% and many of them even surpassed the 15% growth rate.