Who will survive the Bitcoin bubble?

The spectacular growth of the cryptocurrencies has all the attributes of a bubble. Bitcoin is the first and the most popular cryptocurrency, but there are thousands of other virtual coins.

The value of the Bitcoin is given right now by its ‘star of the market’ status.

The main question is, are there any virtual coins that will survive the Bitcoin crash?

Currently, the value of Bitcoin is almost ten times bigger than in January 2017. The value of the next project in the virtual coins top, Ethereum, is 100 times bigger than its initial value. The value of Ripple, comparing it to its initial value, is 300 times bigger.

Besides the advantage of being the first and most known virtual coin of all, Bitcoin does not have a company, nor a product behind. Ethereum for example has a platform behind, where new decentralized projects can launch every day.

Ripple has already partnered with banks to implement a new technology of financial transfers.

Some speculators say that Bitcoin will crash and draw the entire market with it, some speculators say that Bitcoin has to die so that optimized currencies are born.

The Bitcoin frenzy reminds us of the Internet bubble in ’90. The same as the blockchain technology, it was clear that Internet will have a major impact above modern society.

The stocks of companies that were opening online shops were growing massively.

The number of virtual coins is constantly growing and varies from odd to useful.

It is considered that the coins that are immediately behind Bitcoin, will be the ones that will dispose it.